Goa is a mix of east meets west, this in not only represented in their culture but also in their cooking style. The traditional way of cooking is still very alive today. If you visit any rural area, the locals can be seen cooking in clay pots on firewood. Although modern conveniences are available, this food preparation is preferred as it adds an additional smoky flavour to the any goan dish. The degree of heat varies amongst goan recipes from mild to positively explosive.

Goans have a miscellaneous platter ranging from prawns to sausages, chicken to beef, and numerous vegetarian dishes. Goa's broad sweep of unique cooking approach is the consequence of historical events such as the invasion of the Portuguese. Consequently goan cuisine is influenced by the religions of Christianity and Hinduism. Over time the cooking methods have been blended together and allowed to simmer producing an authentic selection of delicacies. There is a common tread in both religions. They equally emphasise on serving food that is not only tasteful but fresh. Presentation is paramount for goans as they often share their food, especially during feasts where food is distributed amongst neighbours.

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