Goan Pickles Recipe

Sweets Recipe in Goa

Some of the world's most tasty cuisines come from India, just look at the shelves in any supermarket and the queues outside the Indian restaurants on a Friday night. ingredients that were once sold in only the Indian shops are now readily available on the shops this change in lifestyle is primarily due to tourism. This is not surprising as the food is prepared with pleasure and keen attention is paid to detail. However it is often difficult to recreate the authentic taste in your own kitchen. After all no chef would want to expose their trade secrets which give their dish an extra kick. However in this section I have chosen a variety of goan dishes with detailed recipes so u can recreate the dishes at home and impress all your friends with the authentic taste.

Although the traditional way of cooking may not be practical as it is often time consuming. This does not serve a problem for the goan people who believe the nicer the dish the longer it takes to produce. The preparation of grinding and marinating is a long process but goans take satisfaction in cooking food not only eating it.

Have A Look at One of The Pickles Recipe

Prepare Banana Fritters

Ingredients :

2 bananas (over ripped) one egg,
4 cups of chapatti (plain) flour
3tbsp of sugar (or more depending on how sweet you want)pinch of salt,
1/4 tsp of cardimon powder,
(optional 4 drops of essence)
2 cups of water, (enough to make a batter) oil for frying.

Preparation :

Take bananas and squash with your hands, add sugar, salt, cardimon, and eggs to the bowl.

Mix it well with water, untill you get a smooth batter and not too watery.

Heat frying pan and pour oil just enough on the frying pan, take a deep spoon of batter and put it on the pan and try to circular the spoon around the batter so that you can get round shape and after sometime turn it over,fry well and have it for evening tea, while it is hot