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Information Posted on GoaHolidayHomes.com™

We give the opportunity to every individual to post information such as Photos, Recipes, MP3 Music, General Info about Goa on our website to share with others around the globe.

Music and Videos posted will not be available for download for any Visitors from our website. All posted photos, Goan music and video clips are constantly shifted from one server to another very frequently.

If at any point you feel GoaHolidayHomes.com™ is infringing upon a copyright that you own, PLEASE click here to contact us and include the proper documents that prove the copyright and we will immediatly remove your info from our database.

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Data collection

All information and services on our website are based on information supplied by private individuals, Advertisers or other third parties and are believed to be correct when entered into the system. When Posting Information on GoaHolidayHomes.com™

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Changes to this Policy

Please note this Privacy Policy will change from time to time. Changes may be minor, we shall keep you posted. GoaHolidayHomes.com™ reserves the right to modify and remove any images or data submitted at any time without any permission.

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