Abyss Marine Aquarium  in Goa


Abyss Marine Aquarium

Abyss is located at national highway verna-goa. This is 18kms from Panajm 10kms, from Margao, 9kms, from Vasco and 12kms from Ponda. At abyss; you will find wide range of attractive marine live fish and the read more...

Alorna Fort in Goa


Alorna Fort

The Alorna fort is situated in the village of Alorna which is about 30 km from Mapusa and 10 km east off NH 17 from Malpem in Pernem. It was built by the Bhonsles of Sawantwadi in the 17th century. In the read more...

Amthane Dam in Goa


Amthane Dam

The Amthane dam lies in a splendid location approximately 20 km from Mapusa. It is not yet developed for tourists and picnickers but is a nice place to unwind. The dam supplies raw water to the nearby read more...

Anjunem Dam in Goa


Anjunem Dam

The Anjunem Dam is located on the Sanquelim-Belgaum highway in Chorla ghat at about 10 km from the Sanquelim town. It is one of the most idyllic places to enjoy the mystic charm and greenery around. The dam read more...

Arvalam Waterfalls in Goa


Arvalam Waterfalls

The Arvalem or Harvalem waterfalls, which cascades down from the mountains, from a height of 50 metres, is one of the most awe-amazing spots. It is situated at about 2 km from the small town of Sanquelim and 8 read more...

Arvalem Caves in Goa


Arvalem Caves

Just passing the town of Sanquelim, there is a detour road leading towards Arvalem Caves. These caves from the 6th century, are quite small, with no articulate sculptures or paintings.  read more...

Banastari Bridge in Goa


Banastari Bridge

Banastarim is also known for the Meta Bridge. The bridge in Banastarim sometimes called the Banastarim Bridge is an important link to the Tiswadi and Ponda taluka as well as to the Mandovi River. Major of the read more...

Boca De Vaca Spring in Goa


Boca De Vaca Spring

Situated next to the Mahalaxmi temple, the Boca de Vaca spring is one of the two springs that exist in Panaji Goa. The appearance of this Portuguese - built structure that remains aglow with soft decorative read more...

British Cemetery in Goa in Goa


British Cemetery in Goa

The military or the British cemetery was built in Goa in 1802 by the British. It is considered to be more than 180 years old and is the only reminder of the British occupation of the territory of Goa during read more...

Budbudyanchi Tali in Goa


Budbudyanchi Tali

The Budbudyanchi Tali or the bubble lake also known locally as Budbud Talli or Bomadyanchi Talli is located in Netravali in the Sanguem taluka. It is a sacred tank of bubbles attached to the Gopinath temple read more...

Cabo De Rama in Goa


Cabo De Rama

Cabo de Rama is situated 16 km north of Agonda in the coast road at the south end of Colva Bay. Also known as The Cape of Rama, it takes its name from the Hindu epic Ramayana hero, Lord Rama as according the read more...

Cabo Raj Bhavan / Governors Palace in Goa


Cabo Raj Bhavan / Governors Palace

Situated at the end of a narrow cape where the Mandovi and Zuari rivers merge into the sea, the Cabo Raj Bhavan also known as the Governor's Palace, is the official residence of the governor of Goa. After the read more...

Carambolim Lake in Goa in Goa


Carambolim Lake in Goa

The Carambolim Lake is situated approx 2 kms southeast of Old Goa in the Tiswadi taluka. It is excellent place of birding in Goa that supports a large population of herbivorous birds. Built to facilitate read more...

Chapoli Dam in Goa


Chapoli Dam

The Chapoli dam is situated 1 km north-east of Chaudi in Canacona. It is approximately 40 km from Margao. The dam is located in a scenic spot extending westward from the Sahyadris. It makes it an excellent read more...

Chapora Fort in Goa


Chapora Fort

Before this present fort build by Portuguese, there was a one fort way long before, even before the arrival of Portuguese in Goa.  read more...

Chorao Island in Goa


Chorao Island

The Tiswadi island of Chorao is situated 5 kms from Panaji. The earliest settlers of the island were 10 families of the Goud Saraswat Brahmins. The people of the island are today known as the Chodankars. The read more...

Churches, Chapels, Temples a varied legacy in Goa


Churches, Chapels, Temples a varied legacy

Perhaps nowhere are the diverse influences of Goa more dramatic than in the places of worship. It is not uncommon to come across a temple in the Maratha style, with a distinctively Christian Plan and an read more...

Devil\'s Canyon in Goa


Devil's Canyon

Devil's Canyon also known as 'Devcharacho kond' in Konkani, is a picturesque river gorge near Molem situated in a beautiful patch of the jungle where the river flows with great turbulence and cuts the deep read more...

Divar Island in Goa


Divar Island

The beautiful Divar Island that is rarely visited is situated across the Mandovi River from Old Goa. A ferry connects the southern end of the island with Old Goa. The ferry wharf is situated near the Viceroy's read more...

Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa


Dudhsagar Waterfall

The Dudh Sagar waterfall is situated in the Indian state of Goa in Sanguem taluka. It is located 60 kms from the capital city of Panaji and is well connected with Panjim and Margao through a rail and road read more...

Fort Aguada in Goa


Fort Aguada

The Fort Aguada is one of the largest and impressive forts preserved as one of the best known landmarks in Goan history. Its prominence has grown from the fact that its headland on which it is built offers a read more...

Kuskem Waterfall in Goa


Kuskem Waterfall

The Kuskem waterfall is located in the Canacona taluka in South Goa. It can be visited whilst on the way to the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary which is the state's second largest after the Bhagwan Mahaveer read more...

Lamgau Caves in Goa


Lamgau Caves

Yet another famous tourist spot which cannot be missed out are the caves at Lamgau. These can be approached in 2 ways.  read more...

List of Beaches In Goa in Goa


List of Beaches In Goa

The Beaches of Goa are much ahead of other beaches in India in terms of popularity and the facilities that are available here. The beaches here have been accepted as a matter of life, there are exotic cuisine read more...

Madei Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa


Madei Wildlife Sanctuary

The Madei Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Sattari takula in North Goa. It is spread over an area of 208 sq km and is a link between the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and the Sawantwadi forests in read more...

Mall De Goa in Goa


Mall De Goa

Welcome to Mall de Goa Although it is one of the most developed regions in India, Goa does not have the offer that answers the needs of its citizens and numerous visitors. The buyers in Goa miss the diverse read more...

Mapusa Market in Goa


Mapusa Market

A famous market and fondly known as 'Mapusa Friday Market' as it is taken place every Friday. This is fully crowded and lively being loaded with wide variety shopping, as every inch of place is booked by read more...

Maya Lake in Goa


Maya Lake

Maya Lake also known as Mayem Lake is situated in Mayem in the Bicholim taluka of North Goa. It is a popular tourist spot in Goa for boating. The beautiful Maya lake is located 7 kms from the Saptakoteshwar read more...

Nanus Fort in Goa in Goa


Nanus Fort in Goa

Nanus Fort is located in the Satari taluka of North Goa. It is now in ruins but is known as a historical fort that was built in the seventeenth century. The Nanus fort is known to be built by Shivaji. However read more...

Panjim Bridge in Goa


Panjim Bridge

Panjim which is the main city of Goa is well connected by the parallel bridges. The Panaji bridge also known as the Mandovi bridge connects the Betim village to the Panjim city. During the 1980's the Panaji read more...

Patto Bridge in Goa


Patto Bridge

The Patto bridge a historic monument built by the Portuguese is a small bridge in Panjim the capital city of Goa. The bridge is the extension of the causeway known as Ponte de Linhares that is about 3.2 kms read more...

Pequeno / Bat Island in Goa in Goa


Pequeno / Bat Island in Goa

The Pequeno Island in Goa also known as the Bat Island is located just a kilometer away from Baina beach of Vasco-da-Gama. The island forms a great surprise for those seeking adventures and comprises of a read more...

Reis Magos Fort in Goa


Reis Magos Fort

The significant aspect of the little headland of Reis Magos jutting out at the north end of the sandbar was the defeat of a Muslim outpost by Albuquerque in 1510 during one of his battles wherein Bardez was read more...

Rivona Caves in Goa


Rivona Caves

The Rivona Caves also known as the Pandava caves are situated in the village of Rivona in South Goa at about 5 km northeast of Ponda. They are considered to be dug in the 6th or 7th century by the Buddhist read more...

Ruins of the Colvale Fortress in Goa


Ruins of the Colvale Fortress

The ruins of the Fortress of Colvale is located in the Bardez taluka of North Goa. It was built in the year 1681 by the court of Alvor to safeguard the Bardez frontier against the Marathas and Bhonsles. In read more...

San Jacinto Island in Goa


San Jacinto Island

You can visit Issorcim beach around Bogmalo beach, which is only 11/2 kms away. This beach is completely secluded save for the local villagers, and is particularly good for fishing. Here, plate coral also read more...

Selaulim Dam in Goa


Selaulim Dam

The Selaulim dam lies on the Selaulim river at about 5 km from the Sanguem town. it is Goa's biggest man-made water storage source that is also a favourite picnic spot for locals. During the monsoons, the read more...

Siolim Bridge in Goa


Siolim Bridge

The Siolim bridge in Goa connecting villages such as Siolim and Chopdem lies 7 kms south of Morjim across the Chapora River. The bridge is a landmark in the Siolim village from where one can see some great read more...

Spice Planatations in Goa in Goa


Spice Planatations in Goa

The spice plantations in Goa are situated in the Ponda region and are quite popular as a major tourist attraction. The plantations use organic methods of cultivation and farming and are known to produce many read more...

Splashdown Waterpark  in Goa


Splashdown Waterpark

Splashdown is Goa's number one Water Park. The Facility boasts of 5 pools, a variety of slides, flumes and other interesting features. There is something to do for all ages, the mild and strong of heart. read more...

Tanshikar Spice Farm in Goa


Tanshikar Spice Farm

Tanshikar's Working Spice Farm is situated among the rainforest of Western Ghats at Netravali village, Sanguern taluka. The specialty of the Organic Farm is variety of genuine spices grown in 25 Acres out of read more...

The Azad Maidan in Goa


The Azad Maidan

It is the small plot in Panjim town, a pavilion in the center presently built and in the middle is the statue of Dr. Tristao de Braganza Cunha, the former Goan Freedom Fighter, He was the 'Valiant Hero of Goan read more...

The Statue Of Abbe Faria in Goa


The Statue Of Abbe Faria

The statue of Abbe Jose Custodia Faria, is that of a priest hypnotizing a woman and is located in a small square just near the Secretariat in Panjim.  read more...

The Zuari bridge in Goa


The Zuari bridge

The Zuari bridge on the Zuari river is one of the most scenic and beautiful spots in Goa that links the capital city of Panaji in North Goa with Vasco da Gama and the Mormugao port in South Goa. It is also read more...

Tiracol Fort in Goa


Tiracol Fort

The Terekhol or Tiracol fortress, exclusive of border encounters, political tensions and confronations is an important landmark in Goan history. It is surrounded by a natural river flowing east-west on its read more...

Usgalimal Rock Carvings in Goa


Usgalimal Rock Carvings

The mysterious rock carvings of Usgalimal were discovered in 1993 by the villagers of Usgalimal, which is situated at about 16 kms south of Rivona in the Sanguem taluka in south Goa. The villagers informed read more...

Viceroy\'s Arch in Goa


Viceroy's Arch

The Viceroy's Arch erected in 1599 by Viceroy Francisco da Gama was once the main street for entering Old Goa. It was built as a memorial to the achievements of Vasco da Gama, the famous explorer. read more...