Lamgau Caves in Goa

Yet another famous tourist spot which cannot be missed out are the caves at Lamgau. These can be approached in 2 ways.

The first being the road through Lamgau village itself, and a quite strenuous trek along the base of the hill, and the second one being much easier which is the drive through Bicholim on the road towards Mapusa. Following the directions of the Pandava caves, a path through some paddy fields lead to 2 rock cut caves of Buddhist origin.

The one nearest to Lamgau is small but quite artistic in design. A distant view is impossible due to the growth of areca palms in front of the caves. A small stream adds to the silent atmosphere all around.

In this cave, there is a stone linga installed with a tulsi vrindavan and a small nandi bull image in the simple courtyard. The other cave is much more larger and used mostly as a shelter against monsoon and is quite deep with a complicated passage. There are some huge open cast iron ore mines just above the caves wherein the odd rumbling reminds one of the other side of Bicholim town. All along the journey to Mapusa is made more interesting with the presence of many more delightful temples and villages.

There is an interesting temple at Mulgao dedicated to Lord Ravalnath. It is quite ironical that one can find two temples near Assonora after crossing Bicholim into Bardez Taluka. The diversion to the right side of the road leads to Advalpali where the Maruti temple is situated with beautiful graffiti designs both internally and externally. Also found here are lion statues, flower patterns and a statue of Lord Hanuman himself. The temple is aptly surrounded by pipal trees.

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