Agriculture in Goa in Goa


Agriculture in Goa

Goa being a small state is dependent on its neighboring states for milk, poultry and vegetables. Rice that is cultivated in the rains from June to September is the major crop followed by cereals like pulses read more...

Celebrating 10 years of Online Advertising in Goa


Celebrating 10 years of Online Advertising was founded in 2003 with a simple premise to display holiday homes in Goa via a website. The website became very popular both locally and abroad. This sparked a supernova and soon a number read more...

Daboilim Airport in Goa


Daboilim Airport

Daboilim airport is located in Dabolim near the city of Vasco da Gama and is about 30kms from Panaji, Goa's capital city. It was built in the 1950s and presently operates in a military airbase named INS Hansa. read more...

Fishing Ban in Goa in Goa


Fishing Ban in Goa

Goa observes an annual fishing ban like several countries over the world. The fishing ban that has been observed in Goa from the year 1981 during the monsoon period lasts approximately a month. The fishing read more...

Flora & Fauna in Goa in Goa


Flora & Fauna in Goa

Goa is well known on the world ornithology circuit as it has more than 400 bird species. One can also see a lot of Bisons in herds in early mornings in Goa. At some remote beaches of Goa in shallow waters one read more...

Goa  Kashi of the Konkan in Goa


Goa Kashi of the Konkan

Goa called 'Kashi of the Konkan' by the Hindus who hold it sacred came to be considered the Rome of the East for its beautiful churches. (Kashi, now called Varanasi or Benaras is associated with Lord Shiva and read more...

Goa Government in Goa


Goa Government

The governor not elected by the people but appointed by the central government as its representative is at the apex of the state pyramid in Goa. In his name and with his authority all the government read more...

Goa Medical College (GMC) and Hospital in Goa


Goa Medical College (GMC) and Hospital

The Goa Medical College was established in 1842 in Panjim and was the first medical school of India. It was also one of the oldest medical colleges in Asia. Goa Medical College was originally built by the read more...

Goa University in Goa


Goa University

The University was established in June 1985 around the nucleus of Centre for Post Graduate Instruction and Research of the University of Bombay in Goa.  read more...

Handicrafts in Goa in Goa


Handicrafts in Goa

Goa once known for its jewelry now has a rich tradition of handicrafts. One can also see artisans in remote villages crafting beautiful traditional items. Ranges of handicrafts from 100 rural artisans are read more...

Learn Konkani in Goa


Learn Konkani

Konkani is the most widely spoken mother tongue of people in each and every part of Goa. It is easy to learn Konkani as one can find a lot of Konkani to English and English to Konkani translations. Listed read more...

Mangoes of Goa in Goa


Mangoes of Goa

Mangoes of Goa cover the largest area under fruit crops in Goa that exist in a large number of varieties. The different species available in the state indicate the support extended to the mango by the read more...

Menezes Braganza House in Chandor in Goa


Menezes Braganza House in Chandor

The Menezes Braganza Pereira house is located at the Chandor village in Goa. It is known to be more than 350 years old and is situated near the church square in Chandor. This mansion is the most exquisite read more...

New Year 2006 in Goa in Goa


New Year 2006 in Goa

Goa is among the top 10 place to celebrate new year. Located on the western coast of the Indian Peninsula, Goa's lush green vegetation and breathtaking beaches not only offer some of India's most beautiful read more...

People of Goa in Goa


People of Goa

The people of Goa are known as 'Goans'. They are peaceful, friendly and fun loving people who love rest. The life style in Goa reflects a unique blend of East and West and the Goans usually comprise of a read more...

Percussion Instruments of Goa in Goa


Percussion Instruments of Goa

In Goa, an assortment of traditional percussion instruments are used during festivals, ceremonies and rituals. Most of them are locally made, while some are on the verge of extinction. Ghumat The read more...

Rock Art of Goa in Goa


Rock Art of Goa

At Pansaimol in the Sanguem subdivision in 1993 the discovery of stone - age rock carvings has brought Goa on the map of Indian rock art. The art that gets submerged during the rains is considered to be very read more...

Saibinn in Goa in Goa


Saibinn in Goa

In Goa, after the feast of Our Lady is celebrated on 8th September, there is a custom where the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary is taken from the church to each and every house. It is known 'Saibinn' to the read more...

St Francis Xavier in Goa


St Francis Xavier

Saint Francis Xavier (1506-1552), a Spanish Jesuit missionary was called the Apostle of the Indies. Born near Pamplona, on April 7, 1506, Xavier was educated at the University of Paris. In 1529, while in read more...

The Coconut And The Cashew in Goa


The Coconut And The Cashew

The coconut palm and the cashew fruit hold a very significant place in the heart of every Goan. They are grown extensively as major crops especially for the sap or juice from which Goa's famous drink called read more...

The Desai House at Arabo in Goa


The Desai House at Arabo

The Desai House is situated in the village of Arabo at Dhargalim in the Pernem taluka. It is known to be built between 1885 and 1890 and is a reconstruction of an older house that was situated at the same read more...

The Goan Catholic Wedding in Goa


The Goan Catholic Wedding

The Catholic wedding in Goa involves many customs and traditions that captures the happiest times of the Goan people. In the earlier days a middle person known as a 'Mali' or 'Raibari' used to arrange the read more...

The Idalcao Palace in Goa


The Idalcao Palace

It was built in 1500 by Yusuf Adil Shah and was primarily built as a riverside pleasure, but was fortified and later served as a strategic point of defense for the Portuguese who added it to their artillery read more...

The Konkani Language in Goa


The Konkani Language

The Konkani language is the most widely spoken mother tongue of people in each and every part of Goa and is highly responsible for unification of the Goan population. It is considered to be the official read more...

The Mhamai Kamat House in Goa


The Mhamai Kamat House

One of the oldest houses in Panjim is that of an important Hindu family in Goa, the Mhamai Kamats who had escaped from the Jesuits crusade in Chandor to convert people to Christianity as per the law enforced read more...

The Municipal Gardens in Goa


The Municipal Gardens

This garden is surrounded with beautiful flowers and trees, giving you nice fresh air and a rest of peaceful mind. Lot of people especially in evening and early in morning do come here and spent their little read more...

Three Kings Feast in Goa


Three Kings Feast

The three king's feast has many names as Festa dos Reis and The Holy Epiphany this exemplifies its importance. The Feast of Three Kings is celebrated equally by the Christians as well as Hindus and attracts a read more...

Tiatr - Traditional Theatre in Goa in Goa


Tiatr - Traditional Theatre in Goa

Tiatr is an interesting traditional Goan performance in Goa that ivolves 6 or 7 acts called Podd'dde, which are of short duration of around 15 minutes. "Konkani tiatr" popular for its high entertainment read more...

Train Network in Goa in Goa


Train Network in Goa

In Goa there are two rail tracks, the Konkan railway line North to South and the South Western railway line West to East. They cross at the most important junction of the state; the Madgaon railway station read more...

Uniform civil code in Goa in Goa


Uniform civil code in Goa

Goa is the only state in India that regardless of religion has an active and enforced Uniform Civil Code (UCC) for all citizens even though India has different civil laws for different religious communities. read more...

Wild Fruits & berries in Goa in Goa


Wild Fruits & berries in Goa

As Goa has favourable climatic conditions, good soil and rich ecological factors, a number of wild fruits and berries can be seen growing in various places. These seasonal fruits are very popular among the read more...