GoaHolidayHomes.com was founded in 2003 with a simple premise to display holiday homes in Goa via a website. The website became very popular both locally and abroad. This sparked a supernova and soon a number of people requested to advertise their privately owned holiday accommodation in Goa. Then hotels, land owners and guest house owners wanted to add their properties to the website.

Simultaneous visitors also started asking for information about Goa and places they can visit. Due to this demand we build up our information database on the website and created a portal for Goa 'For anything and Everything Goan'.

From humble beginning, we have seen enormous growth in recent years and are delighted to report that, GoaHolidayHomes has grown from 1 member of staff to 10 employees, each working dedicatedly toward improving the website. Now the website features, real estate, daily news, recipes, directory, Goan music and videos. We do a number of promotions in the UK and sponsor events in Canada.

In 2007 we launched the mobile version of the website. In 2009 we have launched 3 products namely:
1. Map & Guide to Goa English + Russian version which was a big seller till date.
2. Street Maps of Goa
3. Post Cards on Goa
We have also created mobile apps. displaying information on Goa, Souvenir Bags on Goa and Touch Screen Kiosks We are still in the beta testing version.

As of today we have 1000+ advertisers promoting their business annually on our website. We receive around 10,000+ hits per day on our website.

We would like to thank everybody for their support and we are looking into enhancing the website in a much bigger way in the coming months.

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