Agarwada in Goa



Agarwada is situated in the Pernem taluka in North Goa. It is a small village located around a junction that can be reached as one travels from Chopdem towards Arambol. From the junction one can go to the read more...

Agassaim in Goa



Agassaim is a small village situated in the Tiswadi taluka in north Goa. The village is well known in Goa for the famous Goa sausages. Earlier people used to come here specially as one used to get the best read more...

Agonda in Goa



Agonda is a small fishing village located in the Canacona taluka in South Goa. It is surrounded by about 120 acres of forest and is well known for the Agonda beach. The beach in Agonda is 2 kms long and is read more...

Aldona in Goa



Aldona is a pleasant village situated in the Bardez taluka. It is well known for the St. Thomas church. The Church of St. Thomas remains an awe inspiring presence in the village of Aldona (estimated population read more...

Alorna in Goa



Alorna is a village situated in the Pernem taluka in North Goa. It is well known for the Alorna fort that is situated here. The fort of Alorna is in the taluka of Pernem on the banks of the Chapora River. read more...

Anjuna in Goa



Anjuna situated 8 km from Mapusa and 18 km from Panaji is the place from where Goa tourism took off. It quickly acquired a reputation for drugs, partying and freedom after being discovered by the hippies in read more...

Arambol in Goa



Arambol or Harmal is the largest coastal village in the Pernem district of Goa. Situated at about 32 kms northwest of Mapusa and 50 kms from Panjim, the village comprises of a traditional fishing community and read more...

Arpora in Goa



Arpora is a place divided into two parts-a tiny beach spot and a village. This place has its own beauties for tourist as well as local people. The prime achievement is esteemed St. Joseph High School. read more...

Assagao in Goa



Assagao is a small village situated at ‘Velhas Conquistas’ of Bardez. A road from Mapusa town taking u turn on the top hills brings you to this place. The path here is divided into two; on the main path read more...

Assnora in Goa



Away from Mapusa town about 15 kilometers to East there is a Forlorn Village called as ‘Assanora’, not too sure that this name is derived from Asson (a timber tree) which is known for medical bark. Exciting read more...

Assolna in Goa



Assolna is a small village situated in the South Goa district in the Salcete taluka. Here a lot of mansions of the colonial era can be seen which can only be viewed from outside as they are not officially open read more...

Baga in Goa



Baga is situated to the north of Calangute in Goa. It is a place where there are a lot of restaurants, hotels and shops and it is usually packed with tourists. The Baga beach however is less crowded when read more...

Bambolim in Goa



Sweet small village of Tiswadi or llhas Taluka, its major attraction or wonders are Bambolim Cross, Goa Medical College Complex, AIR Super Power Transmitter and the Military Camp. Busy route for traveler’s as read more...

Banastarim in Goa



The place lying 16 kms from Panjim and 12 kms from Ponda is Banastarim. The feature of this place is its Market, which get start filling from Thursday evening and get full by Friday morning every week. This read more...

Bastora in Goa



Bastora is a small village situated in the Bardez taluka that is located near Mapusa. Here one can see a lot of greenery and the rural Goa as it has a number of ancestral houses with large fields stretched out read more...

Batim in Goa



Batim is a pleasant village situated in the Tiswadi taluka of Goa that has a lot of fields and salt pans. In 1994 it became known to all due to the apparition of Our Lady in September. The Batim village read more...

Benaulim in Goa



Pre – Portuguese, this Benaulim village was called ‘Bannali’ means the place marked by arrow, this has the reference to Parashuram, who shot the arrow from the top of the Sahyadri Mountains into the sea to read more...

Betalbatim in Goa



A charming Indo-Portuguese village, Betalbatim is a place surrounded by lush green rice fields and whispering palms where one can come to escape from the stresses of city living and relax in a serene secluded read more...

Betim in Goa



Betim is a small village situated in the Bardez taluka of North Goa at about 1 km west of the famous Mandovi Bridge. The village is known as a boat building and fishing village and is well connected with the read more...

Betul in Goa



Betul is a place located in the Salcete side of Goa. This place is a one hour distance from Margao. Betul is known for its Betul beach and the cool climate here. People live together and the evenings are read more...

Bicholim in Goa



Bicholim boasts of one of the most scenic waterfalls at Arvalem and not to forget, the Mayem Lake. The vast countryside is surrounded by a wide network of cashew trees.  read more...

Borim in Goa



Borim is a small village at Ponda in Goa that is situated at about 34 kms. from Panaji and 12 kms. from Margao. It is famous for the Shri Navdurga Sausthan temple which is among the famous religious places in read more...

Britona in Goa



The tiny village of Britona in Goa is situated very close to Panjim. It was once inhabited by the Muslims and as such has some graves of Muslim clergy, Legislative Assembly, Gurudwara and the Xavier Institute read more...

Cacra in Goa



Cacra or Kakra is a small village in Goa situated near the Goa University atop the Taleigao plateau. The people here are known as the Cacracars and mainly depend on fishing. One can see a cluster of houses in read more...

Calangute in Goa



Calangute situated at about 15 km from the capital city Panjim is the one of the most popular holiday destinations in Goa. It is usually crowded as it has a host of facilities to cater to the visitors. It is read more...

Camurlim in Goa



Camurlim is a very picturesque village naturally set in a quiet backdrop of paddy fields with the Chapora river flowing steadily along the palm lined banks. It is located 7 kms from Mapusa city and is one of read more...

Candolim in Goa



Candolim is a beautiful village of North Goa situated at about 15 km form Panaji in the Bardez Taluka. It is one of the most happening tourist hot-spots and is very famous for its beautiful beach.  read more...

Cansaulim in Goa



Cansaulim is situated in the Mormugao taluka in south Goa. It has a famous beach known as the Cansaulim beach where one can see a lot of palm groves along the shore. For accomodation there are a number of read more...

Carambolim in Goa



Carambolim also known as Karmali or Kormbolle for the locals is a small village in Goa that is situated at about 12 kms from Panjim in the Tiswadi taluka. It is the first village one comes across on one's way read more...

Caranzalem in Goa



Caranzalem is a small village located in the Tiwadi taluka of North Goa. It is known to be one of the fastest growing suburbs of Panaji and has a lot of places to visit. The area also has a beach known as the read more...

Carmona in Goa



Carmona is situated in South Goa. There is a famous church in Carmona known as the church of Nossa Senhora de Socorro, or Our Lady of Help that is prominently located at the center of the village. The interior read more...

Cavelossim in Goa



Cavelossim one of the last major settlements in southwest Salcete is situated 11 km south of Colva. The Church of Cavelossim dedicated to The Santa Cruz or Holy Cross, is not too complicated in its design, yet read more...

Chandor in Goa



This is the village which was once the location of the capital of Chandrapur rulers which also boasts of a fort and a temple within its citadel.  read more...

Chapora in Goa



Chapora is a beautiful village situated at around 10 kms from Mapusa in North Goa. The village is dependent on fishing and boat building and being crouched in the shadow of a Portuguese fort on the opposite, read more...

Chaudi in Goa



Chaudi also known as Chauri or Canacona is situated at about 33 km south of Margao. It is the main center of the Canacona district. It is mainly visited when one wants to get to Palolem which is situated 2 km read more...

Chicalim in Goa



Chicalim is a beautiful village situated in the small taluka of Mormugao in Goa. One often comes to this pleasant village while on the way to or from the Dabolim airport. Here one can see the village scene of read more...

Chimbel in Goa



East side of Panjim, 6 km away, a small village is situated called Chimbel. It is the part of Ilhas or Tiswadi Taluka. This village is a backward village among all other villages in Goa. You won’t find any big read more...

Chinchinim in Goa



Chinchinim is a beautiful village situated on the banks of the River Sal in the Salcete district of Goa, India. It is known to be the biggest rural village of Goa having a predominant Catholic population. It read more...

Chopdem in Goa



Chopdem is ideally situated north of the banks of river Chapora. Compared to other parts of Goa, Chopdem is relatively quite with a few social bars and cafes for rendezvous. Along the main road there are read more...

Colom in Goa



Colom is situated at the southend of the Palolem beach on the way to Rajbag. It is known as a Hindu village where one can find some small cafes to buy drinks and snacks. Being a fishing village, a lot of read more...

Colva in Goa



Colva Village lies is merely 6 km from Margao. 25 km of coastline makes Colva beach the oldest and the largest beach of Goa. Walk on bare-footed on the silver white sand, relax under the shades of the coconut read more...

Colvale in Goa



Colvale is a village ornamented by the lush green paddy fields and the riverine charm of the Chapora river over which is a rustic steel bridge which is a major factor for boosting trade and commerce from this read more...

Cortalim in Goa



Cortalim is a village situated in south Goa. The village is mainly a Christian village and the main occupation of the people here is fishing and agriculture. It is well known as the site of the ancient temple read more...

Cumbharjua in Goa



Cumbharjua is one of the scenic villages set amidst the beautiful backwaters of Goa, 20 kms from Panaji via Banastarim bridge, thus offering a water dominated vista. The northern road beyond the famous read more...

Cunchelim in Goa



Cunchelim is located just 2 ½ kms from Mapusa and can be reached in 2 ways, one by alighting at the first intersection on entering the village, by taking the daily buses operating between Mapusa and Siolim via read more...

Cuncolim in Goa



Cuncolim is a village situated in the Salcete district of South Goa. It is known to have a municipal council of its own and is part of the Assolna, Velim and Cuncolim network of villages. The village was read more...

Curtorim in Goa



Curtorim is another widely spread village consisting of several hamlets and, like Chandor, with a heavily predominant Christian population. Its main interest centers on the Church of St. Alex, Santo Aleixo, of read more...

Dhargalim in Goa



Dhargalim is one of the most pleasant villages in terms of its lush green countryside and cool atmosphere located 10 kms away from the bustling Mapusa city and is absolutely a pristine spot. The road from the read more...

Dona Paula in Goa


Dona Paula

Once a rocky headland dividing the Mandovi and Zuari estuaries, Dona Paula has emerged as one of the famous tourist spots and cannot be left out in case one wishes to tour the city of Panjim. Conveniently read more...

Farmagudi in Goa



This town is located 3 kms away from the main Ponda city and is an integral part of the Ponda Taluka. Similar to the Taleigao plateau which houses the Goa University, the Goa Engineering College and the GVM’s read more...

Fatorda in Goa



Fatorda is situated near the city of Margao in the Salcete district of South Goa. It is well known for the Fatorda Stadium which is the only stadium in Goa. The villagers here thus enjoy the sports of football read more...

Gaundalim in Goa



Gaundalim village is situated in the Tiswadi taluka at about three kilometer away from Old Goa. Known as Gaundale in Konkani, the village is very picturesque and one can enjoy the serenity of the place with read more...

Goa Velha in Goa


Goa Velha

Goa Velha is situated on the north bank of the Zuari River about 12 km from Panaji on the highway to Margao. From atop a hill overlooking this village is a Portuguese built seminary known as the Pilar Seminary read more...

Guirim in Goa



A tiny village just 3 km away from Mapusa city, Guirim is also called Girvoddea in Konkani. It is divided into two parts such as Vhoddlem Guirim and Dhakttem Gurim. read more...

Ibrampur in Goa



Ibrampur is a small village of Goa situated in the Pernem taluka at the south eastern end. To the west it has a range of hills. The village has a lot of banana plantations and mostly the Mandolin banana read more...

Issorcim in Goa



Issorcim of Hollant Beach is a peaceful beach is quite scenic, especially during the high tide, when the sea meets a freshwater stream flowing nearby. There is also a spring, near the church, at the edge of read more...

Karapur in Goa



Karapur is a village in the Bicholim taluka of Goa that has a lot of hills with thick woodlands. It is a village with a lot of greenery where the villagers mostly bank upon agriculture. The Karapur village read more...

Khandepar in Goa



Khandepar or Candepar is situated in the Ponda taluka of Goa on the banks of River Khandepar. It is famous for the Khandepar Caves of the 12th century. at about 36 km from Panaji and nearly 5 km from Ponda, read more...

Khorguve in Goa



Khorjuve or Corjuem is a small island that is very picturesque and that is situated 2 km from Aldona in the Bardez taluka of the north Goa district. The island's name according to the late Fr Moreno de Souza read more...

Korgao in Goa



Korgao or Korgaon is a small village situated in Pernem that is the north most taluka of Goa. Here one can see some Korgao copper plates that belonged to the local chieftain of Goa Kadambs who was known as read more...

Kundaim in Goa



Kundaim is a village in the Ponda taluka in Goa that has a lot of paddy fields stretched all over. It is an industrial area yet one can enjoy the tranquility here. The place also has lakes where one can see a read more...

Loutolim in Goa



Loutolim village is well known mostly for the finest examples of Goan architecture observed in the houses and mansions built over here giving them a natural Goan feel to anyone visiting this village. It is read more...

Madkai in Goa



Madkai is a village situated in the Ponda taluka in Goa that has a lot of religious temples. The village is quite pleasant and offers some tranquility. It is known as a Hindu populated village and a testimony read more...

Majorda in Goa



Majorda is a beautiful village situated in South Goa. It is the place where the Jesuits discovered the best toddy of Goa who used it to leaven the bread. Even today the people of Majorda are known to be the read more...

Mandrem in Goa



The village of Mandrem is located in the Pernem taluka which is the northernmost taluka of Goa. It is well known for the Mandrem beach in Goa that is situated to the north of Ashwem Beach towards the Arambol read more...

Mandur Azossim in Goa


Mandur Azossim

Mandur Azossim is situated in the Tiswadi taluka of Goa and is a place that has a lot of houses. The villagers of Mandur Azossim are quite helpful and a good time to mingle with the locals is during the seven read more...

Mapusa in Goa



As we follow the path to Mapusa market, from there about 2 km distance is situated the important church in Mapusa dedicated to St. Jerome.  read more...

Marcel in Goa



The small town of Marcel is the location of the temples of more than 15 deities of the Hindu pantheon. Marcel lies 17 km from Panaji in Ponda taluka about 3-km away from Banastari Bridge on the Panaji-Ponda read more...

Margao in Goa



Margao, which was once considered the Capital of Goa during its early centuries, left the job of capital to the river port of Chandrapur or now presently called as Chandor. read more...

Merces in Goa



Merces is a village in Goa situated the Tiswadi Taluka in the North Goa District. It is located near Panaji, the state's main city. read more...

Miramar in Goa



Miramar in Goa is famous for its beautiful beach. ‘Miramar’ in Portuguese means viewing the sea and the beach is ideal for watching the golden sunset. One can see many cruise boats of Mandovi River that take a read more...

Mobor in Goa



Mobor is a fishing village situated in the Salcete taluka of Goa. It is known for the Mobor beach which is fairly isolated, has many secluded coves and is suitable for those in search of complete peace and read more...

Moira in Goa



Moira, a place is famous specially in growing largest bananas called “Moira Banana” which grow over 30 cm long and 8 cm in diameter. It is a famous commodity at the market place and cannot be ignored as it is read more...

Molem in Goa



Mollem is a small village of South Goa situated at the foothill of the Sahyadri Mountain range at about 60 km from Panaji. It is a beautiful place where one can explore the bountiful nature of Goa away from read more...

Mopa in Goa



Mopa is a beautiful village situated in Goa's north most taluka, Pernem that lies to the east of Tamboxem. Here one can see a number of crops grown such as groundnut, rice grows, finger millets. The place also read more...

Morjim in Goa



Morjim is a beautiful village that lies in the Pernem district in north Goa. The main occupation of the villagers here is still mainly fishing and farming. However other activities such as toddy tapping, feni read more...

Mormugao in Goa



Mormugao was created for administrative purposes very recently in 1917 due the urbanization of the Vasco Mormugao area and the significance of Mormugao as a port town.  read more...

Nachinola in Goa



The Nachinola village is situated in the Bardez taluka and is well known in Goa as it has a lot of archaeological and mythological legacies. Fr. H. Heras SJ, an archaeologist in 1922 began excavation work read more...

Nagoa in Goa



Actually known as Nagvem, Nagoa is a small village coming just before Arpora and Baga. This village has its own share of beauties surrounding with fields, trees thus covering area with greenery and it is read more...

Navelim in Goa



Navelim is one of the villages in the Salcete Taluka, located just outside the city of Margao and is the second largest in terms of population after the capital city of Panaji. It is mostly dominated by read more...

Nerul in Goa



The village of Nerul is located in North Goa spread along the vast coastal area spanning the Mandovi river on one side with bottle green hillocks on the other. It was a conventional beach meant mostly for the read more...

Neura in Goa



Neura is a beautiful village situated in the Tiswadi taluka of Goa. It is a place that has some lovely villas and mansions. During the Kadamba rule this was a busy place due to the Naval quarters and was once read more...

Nuvem in Goa



The village of Nuvem is situated across the national highway 17 in South Goa in the Salcete taluka. The village has a lot of Goan flavour and is also rich in tradition. Here 90% of the population comprise of read more...

Olaulim in Goa



Olaulim is a small and beautiful village situated in the Bardez taluka in north Goa. It lies at about 11 kms from Panjim and 6 kms from Mapusa. Here one can experience nature and enjoy the quiet and peaceful read more...

Old Goa in Goa


Old Goa

Old Goa was the former colonial capital for the first 350 years of the Portuguese rule. It now hosts some of the state's most famous monuments and has become a tourist spot. Its Renaissance architecture is read more...

Oxel in Goa



Oxel is a small pleasant village situated in the Bardez taluka in north Goa. It is a place that is bordered with hills of cashew trees and where one can also see a lot of Goan cultural lifestyle. The people read more...

Panjim in Goa



The state capital of Goa is Panjim and is popularly known as the seat of the Government. It also houses the head offices of most business concerns.  read more...

Parcem in Goa



Parcem is a small village situated near the Chapora River in the Pernem taluka in North Goa. Here one can see a lot of wild boars in the wooded hills and also a range of aquatic species can be seen in the read more...

Parra in Goa



The village of Parra for some people is famous for sweet, red watermelons whereas for some it is for pioneering English Institution called “The Sacred Heart of Jesus School”. read more...

Pernem in Goa



Pernem taluka is bounded by the Chapora River to the south and Tiracol River to the north. It is the northernmost subdivision of Goa that touches the Maharashtra border. Pernem talukas capital city is also read more...

Pilerne in Goa



Pilerne is situated in the Bardez taluka and is about 12 kms from Panjim. This is a pleasant village of north Goa where one can see a lot of greenery as it has a lot of paddy fields, palm groves, lakes and read more...

Pirna in Goa



Pirna is a village situated in the Bardez taluka of Goa that is an ideal spot for a weekend relaxation as it is surrounded by the Sahyadris range, the Dhove Lake and a waterfall. The place also displays the read more...

Pomburpa in Goa



Here church and school enjoy a lofty site worthy of the delightful Nossa Senhora Mae de Deus, Our Lady Mother of God. This is Goan Rococo being most elegant with loftiness and freedom and having balance of read more...

Ponda in Goa



Ponda known as the heartland of the Hindus is situated on the Panaji - Belgaum highway at about 30km from Panaji and 17 km from Margao. It has a lot of temples on the hills around it such as the Laxmi read more...

Poroscodem in Goa



Poroscodem is a small village in the Pernem taluka that takes one back into the past of Goa. There is a lot of greenery in this North Goa village and one can often see some fishing canoes along the river side. read more...

Porvorim in Goa



Porvorim is a village located in the Bardez taluka of North Goa. It is known as Goa's legislative capital and is situated at around 3 km from the capital city, Panaji. There are a number of well known hotels, read more...

Priol in Goa



Priol is a village situated 26 kms from Margao in the Ponda taluka. It is a holy city in Goa for the Hindus where one can also see a lot of paddy fields. Here one can see the famous Mangueshi temple that was read more...

Rachol in Goa



Rachol is about 7 kms from the commercial town of Margao, in Salcete taluka. It is also situated little distance away from the banks of the Zuari River. It is a residential area and a cool place. This place is read more...

Raia in Goa



Raia lies between Rachol and Loutolim and is considered significant from the view that it was the original site of the temple of Goddess Kamakshi or Shantadurga which adds to the beauty of the Shiroda village read more...

Ribandar in Goa



Ribandar is a very serene and beautiful village nestled between the main city of Panjim and Old Goa in the district of Ilhas or Tiswadi. The Rio De Ourem separates it from Panjim and forms a large marshy read more...

Rivona in Goa



Rivona is a small village situated in the Sanguem taluka at about 2 km southeast along the main road from Zambaulim. The village that has an unknown history is known for its refreshing springs and verdant read more...

Salcete in Goa



Contrasting to dominance of Hindu temples in Ponda, Salcete on the other hand was equally dominated by Christian population, which was nearly 70% justifying it as an Old Conquest in every respect.  read more...

Saligao in Goa



Mae De Deus Church is situated at Saligao and is a historically & architechturally significant heritage building in Goa.  read more...

Salvador do Mundo in Goa


Salvador do Mundo

Salvador do Mundo situated in the Bardez taluka in North Goa consists of the Khazan lands that have bunds for support and also have sluice gates. The place has a history that revolves around some temples of read more...

Sancoale in Goa



Sancoale is situated in the Mormugao taluka a little way west of the tiny islet Sao Antonio which is located 1 km further west from the Sao Jacinto Island. It is well known in Goa as a magnificent church read more...

Sangolda  in Goa



Sangolda is a scenic village situated in the Bardez taluka of North Goa. It is situated close to Porvorim and is around 8 km from the state main city Panaji.  read more...

Sanguem in Goa



Sanguem is a town situated in the Sanguem taluka of Goa. It is the capital of the taluka and has villages such as Uguem, Chinchant, Valkini, Kadeabhag and Malkarnem as its neighbours. Wednesday is the read more...

Sanquelim in Goa



Sanquelim is a village situated in the Bicholim taluka in North Goa. It is known as the hometown of the Ranes of Sattari who played a key role in Goa’ freedom struggle. Sanquelim is very famous for some of its read more...

Sant Estevam in Goa


Sant Estevam

Sant Estevam or St. Estevam is a beautiful village that lies 21 kms from Panjim and 11 kms from Old Goa. It is also known as Ilha de Jua or Zuvem and is famous being a very scenic estuarine island which is read more...

Santa Cruz in Goa


Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz or St. Cruz is a small beautiful village that has a lot of greenery situated in north Goa in the Tiswadi taluka. It is considered to be the largest village in Goa, which is made up of 11 wards and read more...

Shiroda in Goa



The village of Shiroda is exquisitely beautiful and artistic and has densely covered tall green palm fringes with salt planks appearing like artificially placed white pearls.  read more...

Siolim in Goa



Siolim is a village situated at about 7 kms from Mapusa in the Bardez Taluka of North Goa. It is located around the Chapora River and is well known for the Siolim bridge. The bridge is a landmark here and is a read more...

Sirigao in Goa



Sirigao is a small village in the Bicholim taluka of Goa that is well known for a festival that it celebrates where the devotees walk on fire. The festival is usually held in the month of May and is known as read more...

Socorro in Goa



Socorro is an isolated pretty village that is situated in north Goa. A main attraction here is the church known as Our Lady of Socorro that was built in 1667 laid by the Franciscan. The village got its name read more...

St. Inez in Goa


St. Inez

St. Inez or Sant Inez is situated at Panjim in Goa. It is a well developed area in the capital city of Goa that has a lot of hotels, institutes, banks and many other places to visit. There is a church in read more...

Talaulim in Goa



Talaulim is a beautiful, quiet village situated in the Tiswadi taluka. It has a lot of fields, forested hills, historical ruins and some age-old traditions. The villagers are known as Talaulikars and the main read more...

Taleigao in Goa



Taleigao is a village situated in the Tiswadi taluka. It is well known in Goa as the Goa University is situated here at the Taleigao Plateau. There are a lot of fields in the place and one of the main read more...

Tamboxem in Goa



Tamboxem is a village situated in the Pernem taluka. Here one can enjoy a cool, silent and peaceful atmosphere. The Tiracol River is situated nearby and the area is crowned by rolling hillsides. One can see a read more...

The Altinho in Goa


The Altinho

The hill has two divisions; one is Emidio Gracia Road, moving up the hills on the right side of church and other road is going into main town taking to suburb of Fontainhas on the other side, on the top church read more...

The Campal in Goa


The Campal

“Campal” this name came from ‘Campo de Dom Manual’, Dom Manual de Portugual e Castro a Viceroy, who took over this place in the year 1830 and made the real development making this a commercial from urban.  read more...

Tivim in Goa



Tivim is located just 5 kms from the Mapusa city and is well known for the vast Industrial Estate that has been the source of livelihood of most of the people from this area and surrounding areas of Mapusa and read more...

Tormas in Goa



Tormas is a pleasant village situated in Pernem that is the north most taluka of Goa. It lies to the north of the Tamboxem village. There are some very hardworking people here who live in communal harmony. read more...

Ucassaim in Goa



The Ucassaim village lies just 2 kms from the main town of Mapusa and is a very picturesque village strewn with paddy fields divided by a small rivulet branching from the Mapusa river.  read more...

Uttorda in Goa



Uttorda are set among lush green countryside and paddy fields with coconut palms swaying in the welcome afternoon breeze; classic ingredients of holidays in South Goa that make holidays in Uttorda so read more...

Valpoi in Goa



Valpoi is a village situated in the Satari taluka that has rocky hills and a dense forest. It gets its name from two words Val and Poi out of which Val means river and Poi means other side. Valpoi is read more...

Vanxim in Goa



Vanxim or Vanusim is a beautiful island of Goa situated in the Tiswadi taluka. One can reach here by taking a ferry from Divar. At the ferry point one can also find accommodation as there is a cottage situated read more...

Varca in Goa



The Varca church is a fine example of an illustrious architecture. It has a shallow dome with a cylindrical lantern on its towers, inspired from the Espirito Santo. This one starkly resembles the dome of the read more...

Vasco in Goa



Originally Vasco da Gama was founded by Portuguese during their rule in Goa in the year 1543 and within the short period it was established as Western India’s busiest ports of all. Today at Sada, you see just read more...

Velsao in Goa



Velsao is situated in the South of Goa and is one of the most vivacious tourist destinations in the beach capital of India. The chapel is the site of the rare Feast of Three Kings, celebrated on 6 January read more...

Verem in Goa



Verem is a very small village situated in North Goa. It is known as a boat building and fishing village. It has a small bazaar where a big Hindu tree shrine is situated that marks the turning to Reis Magos. In read more...

Warkhand in Goa



Warkhand is a small village situated in Goa's northern most taluka known as Pernem. It is located at about 15 kms from Mapusa. Here one can have a breathtaking view as the place originates in the hills and read more...