Chaudi also known as Chauri or Canacona is situated at about 33 km south of Margao. It is the main center of the Canacona district. It is mainly visited when one wants to get to Palolem, which is situated 2 km west.

To the northeast of the town at about 1.5 km stands the new railway station. One can also visit the Chapoli dam that is a good eco tourist spot situated 1 km north-east .

Chaudi has a church known as the Saint Theresa of Jesus Church. It also has a famous market where one can get a lot of spices and all other necessary provisions. There are a number of restaurants that serve good South Indian food and other tasty dishes and drinks. There are some good hotels also for accommodation nearby.

There are a lot of buses from Panjim and Margao that go to Chaudi. Also a number of taxis and auto rickshaws are available in the area that takes you to nearby villages. One can also visit the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary which is state's second largest sanctuary that is situated just 10 kms southeast of Chaudi.

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