Bhandap in Goa



Bhandap is one of the popular traditional folk dances in Goa performed by the women folk of the scheduled tribe community who were the earliest settlers of Goa. The dance is performed in the second half of read more...

Corredinho in Goa



Corridinho is a form of Portuguese dance performed in Goa. It is popular amongst the dances of Goa and is considered a beautiful example of Portuguese cultural influence. It is also known to be a peasant dance read more...

Dhangar Dance in Goa


Dhangar Dance

Dhangar Dance is a well known Goan dance form performed by a sheperd community known as Dhangars. It is considered a Navratri dance which involves a fusion of adoration, a vigorous session of worship and dance read more...

Hanpet-sword dance in Goa


Hanpet-sword dance

Hanpet is a sword dance in Goa performed during the Shigmo festival. It is a known marshal art form and usually known as a traditional warrior dance. In some of the areas in Goa, the dance is performed read more...

Lamp Dance in Goa


Lamp Dance

Lamp Dance also known as Divlyanchi Nach is a dance in Goa performed by women during Shigmo festival. In this dance the Goan women balance heavy brass lamps with burning wicks on their heads. The Lamp read more...

Morulem in Goa



Morulem is a a traditional folk dance presented by the backward community during shigmo festival. read more...

Taranga Mel in Goa


Taranga Mel

Taranga Mel is a dance in Goa that involves a lot of energy. It is usually performed on the occasions of Dushehra and Holi by young boys and girls. Tarangamel derives its name from the streamers also known read more...