Talaulim is a beautiful, quiet village situated in the Tiswadi taluka. It has a lot of fields, forested hills, historical ruins and some age-old traditions. The villagers are known as Talaulikars and the main occupation here is mainly agriculture and farming. The village is made up of three wards comprising of Portal Vaddo, Corpir Vaddo and Goalim-Moula.

Talaulim is well known for the church situated here known as the church of Santana or the St. Anne church that is more than 400 years old. The villagers celebrate the feast of St Ana also known as the Cucumber feast (touxeamchem fest or pepinchem fest) which is well known throughout Goa since the 17th century. There is a small chapel situated here dedicated to Our Lady of Loretto that also houses its image. Also one can see a castle in the hills where the king of Sundem who was known among the villagers as Reis de Sundem lived.

There is also a temple situated in the Talaulim village known as the Shree Diteshwar Maharudra Prasanna temple that celebrates festivals such as Mahashivratri, Vadh Dhivas and Dhallo with great pomp and gaity.

The historic and beautiful Quinta de Sta Rosalia that was gifted by Bishop Dr Antonio da Purificacao to the King of Sundem in 1764 can be seen close to the Moula hill. There are a number of buses that connect Talaulim to the neighbouring villages.