Tormas is a pleasant village situated in Pernem that is the north most taluka of Goa. It lies to the north of the Tamboxem village. There are some very hardworking people here who live in communal harmony.

The main occupation in the village of Tormas is agriculture but Cashew feni distillation is also carried out on a small scale. The village has a lot of greenery and all year round many crops, such as rice, mandolin bananas, sugarcane, groundnuts, chillies, sweet potatoes are grown.

On 26th January the village celebrates the church feast of St. Sebastian. There is no temple in Tormas but the village also celebrates Diwali festival with the Hindu brethren from the nearby villages such as Talarna, Alorna, Hassapur, Chandel and Ibrampur. To get to Tormas there are some buses that usually stop at nearby places from where one has to walk.