Tivim is located just 5 kms from the Mapusa city and is well known for the vast Industrial Estate that has been the source of livelihood of most of the people from this area and surrounding areas of Mapusa and remote villages. It is a beautiful terrain, with an abundance of placid lakes, ruins of ancient forts and hidden tunnels.

The entrance to this picturesque village is a boulevard of age old mango trees which have given way to recent modifications which can be seen in the modern houses and bungalows mainly due to the high standard of living although there is still an air of tranquility surrounding the village. The village of Tivim is divided into two sides by the softly flowing Mandovi river which nourishes the low lying paddy fields. The population of Tivim cannot be estimated although a rough figure of 10,000 cannot be ruled out.

Tivimís neighbouring villages include Colvale and Assonora with Pirna, Revora and Nadora lying across the northern hill. It is separated from Moira, Aldona and Nachinola by the stretch of the Mandovi flowing across the village. There are quite many age old tales surrounding the matchmaking process for oneís daughter wherein it is believed to be inauspicious to look for a match across the river as they are feared drowned but it is just a myth which has no substantial meaning.

The village was quite large but the delinking of the eastern part of Sirsaim village renowned for its early iron ore mines have left much to be desired as seen by the deserted corroded jetties which dented the progress of iron ore mining in the village although a modern shipbuilding yard and a precision instruments unit has been set up. The most important part of the village is the Railway Station which has provided a major boost for the people of Tivim and the neighbouring villages. It has in a major way led to the increase in trade and commerce in this part of Goa. The major fort of Tivim include the Forto Novo de Tivim built in 1635 while the minor forts built later in 1681 are the Assumcao Forte de Tivim and Forte de Meio de Tivim. It is also famous for the Church of St. Christopher which houses many ancient and magnificent statues of holy saints. By and large, the village of Tivim is a very exquisite and picturesque village worth visiting for any tourist.