“Campal” this name came from ‘Campo de Dom Manual’, Dom Manual de Portugual e Castro a Viceroy, who took over this place in the year 1830 and made the real development making this a commercial from urban. This place actually starts from the end of ‘The Medical College’, the road from starts to “Campal”, this road is now named as ‘Dayanand Bandodkar Marg’, after the death of first Chief Minister of Goa. This area is divided into two parts Residential and Commercial.

As you start getting in Campal, to your left side, road opposite to river, there is big old cannon measuring about four meters long, this were guarded by Ismail Adil Khan in the year 1512 in attempting to capture Goa though Portuguese succeeded in taking over Goa. Little further, just opposite, there is a garden; in this garden there is a statue of Francisco Luis Gomes built in 1929 the former best of Advocate not only for Goa but for India too, and a representatives in the Cortes, the ‘Lisbon Parliament’.

Moving little ahead on the left side there is Kala Academy, fascinated with marvelous facilities such as lovely auditoriums, both indoor and outdoor. Here lots of activities take place such as dramas, exhibitions, functions, conferences, festivals etc. Go little ahead there is a Gymkhana having large sports facilities such as swimming pools, physical training for ladies and boys, indoor games, outdoor games etc., surrounded by huge play ground, just few steps on the left side is famous recently built super market ‘Magson’ well road to left, inside this takes you to residential area which is very expensive place. Straight road from super markets takes you to the circle, which is called “Miramar Circle”, on the point is Hindu-Christian Unity statue alongside is the statue of Afonso Albuquerque and on the right side follows the famous Miramar beach.