The Altinho in Goa

The hill has two divisions; one is Emidio Gracia Road, moving up the hills on the right side of church and other road is going into main town taking to suburb of Fontainhas on the other side, on the top church hilltop was the ‘Hill of the Pilots’ because first ‘Lighthouse’ was operated from there. On the other side of the church at the top of the hill, old buildings here are conquered by colleges and the the Avenue P.E. Agnelo takes you to main residential area. Patriarchal palace the resident of the Archbishop of Goa is the main attraction in this area. The diocese of Goa was established here in the year 1533, and raised to an Archdiocese in 1557.

The development of this area had began in year 1886 starting with the work of Archbishop to Patriarchal status finishing by the year 1894, the first Patriarch, “Dom Antonio Sebastiao Valente” entrance is designed with coats of arms. In the year 1560, Dom Caspar Leao Pereira who was the first Archbishop to step in India, took lot of trouble and hard work built the first church here.

There is a towering mast of All India Radio station, attached to it is Television Relay Center dominating the skyline, and on the slopes of the is the Maruti Temple in the colorful design.