Tamboxem is a village situated in the Pernem taluka. Here one can enjoy a cool, silent and peaceful atmosphere. The Tiracol River is situated nearby and the area is crowned by rolling hillsides. One can see a lot of fields and trees such as mango, jackfruit, coconut and cashew.

The villagers of the Tamboxim village of Goa are known as Tamboskars and some of their main occupations are agriculture and farming. At the Brahmani Mandir situated here, in December every year a zatra is celebrated for which a lot of devotees come here from neighbouring states. During the zatra the idol of Brahmani Devi is taken upto the Dadheshwar temple in a palanquin.

A chapel is situated here known as St. Francis Xavier's chapel that is 200 year old and that comes alive on 20th May. Here once a month the Holy Eucharist is celebrated. There are number of buses that connect Tamboxem to the neighbouring villages.