The Ucassaim village lies just 2 kms from the main town of Mapusa and is a very picturesque village strewn with paddy fields divided by a small rivulet branching from the Mapusa river. It is beautiful mainly due to its scenic surroundings of bottle green hills with cashew bushes with the residential area perfectly sandwiched within the natural backdrop of hills and paddy fields which gives the impression that the villagers draw their sustenance from agriculture.

Ucassaim pottery is one of the most famous commodity in the Mapusa Friday market besides horticulture and floriculture being the other widely followed occupations of the Uskoikars. Onions and chillies are also widely grown in the fields of Ucassaim. More so, the village has acquired a new name ‘Mistricho Ganv” due to the carpenters or tradesmen that reside in large numbers over here equally proficient at their skills. The overall population of Ucassaim is estimated at 3000-3500 largely dominated by the Catholic people spread over different wards.

The church of Ucassaim is dedicated to St. Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal and is quite elegant in its architecture. The feast of this church is celebrated along with the feast of St. Sebastian and Our Lady of Health which results in the traditional sorpotel and sannams distributed all over the village amidst great fun and festive programmes like tiatrs and football matches. Ucassaim has 2 Comunidades – Ucassaim and Punola-Paliem although it is far more attached to its eastern neighbour, Nachinola. Its neighbouring villages include Bastora, Moira, Nachinola and Vaddem-Socorro. One of the natural landmarks of the village is the Vagbiu cave atop a hill through which flows a clear water stream and is an ideal picnic spot although it is quite steep. The old houses of Ucassaim are much more elegant than the newly built villas which appear quite lackluster in comparison with the rich Portuguese architecture that is displayed in the older houses. Ucassaim boasts of many eminent personalities in various fields of art, music, commerce and various other noble professions although the village still pines for more development.