Warkhand is a small village situated in Goa's northern most taluka known as Pernem. It is located at about 15 kms from Mapusa. Here one can have a breathtaking view as the place originates in the hills and slopes downward into a plain. It is a Hindu village where the life of the villagers revolves around the Shree Mauli Shantadurga temple the zatra of which is held in December.

The Pandava caves are the main attraction in the Warkhand village in Goa and also one can find a beautiful spring here. The area has a forest and one can also see some animals such as porcupines, tigers, wild boars, peacocks and deers.

Nagzor situated in the Warkhand village is one of the most famous ward in the area. It is located at about 3 km from Varconda and 6 km north of Rivora. The locals here own cattle which they use in their everyday lives to aid them with work.

There are a number of temples in Warkhand that are dedicated to Mahapurush and Datta (both at Nanache Pani) and Vasudev (Nagzar and Tulaskar Wadi). There are buses from Mapusa that move through Pernem and stop at Warkhand, which is the last stop.

One can visit a number of places while at Warkhand such as the Alorna Fort and Terekhol Fort which are located at a short distance away.

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