Varca in Goa is well known for its clean and beautiful beach. There is also a church situated here known as the Our Lady of Glory church that is estimated to be more than 300 years old.

The Varca church is a fine example of an illustrious architecture. It has a shallow dome with a cylindrical lantern on its towers, inspired from the Espirito Santo. This one starkly resembles the dome of the Mangueshi Temple at Priol.

The gable design is very artistic and is a very significant aspect of the church façade. Besides the church, Varca boasts of a beautiful scenic beach.

Although not too famous amongst the beaches in Goa, it is charming with the natural beauty a major plus point. The major appealing factor being the soft white sandy beach and thus is much cleaner and less occupied as compared with the other beaches in North Goa. Sun bathing, dolphin watching and the boat trips account for the entertainment at the beach.

There are various restaurants and fast food joints that offer delicious Goan cuisine at quite reasonable rates although it might not be the same in peak seasons i.e from November to March.

A variety of hotel resorts offer accommodation for tourists and gives them a first hand experience of true Goan lifestyle. The Varca beach is well connected in terms of transport, both by road and air. Besides, there are two wheelers available for hire. Swimming is allowed but only to a certain depth beyond which any water sport is also prohibited.