Vanxim or Vanusim is a beautiful island of Goa situated in the Tiswadi taluka. One can reach here by taking a ferry from Divar. At the ferry point one can also find accommodation as there is a cottage situated there. Vanxim is surrounded by places such as Chorao, Naroa and Divar.

During the colonial times Vanxim was known as Capao. One can see a lot of houses in the area and few villagers who thrive on fishing. There is also an old temple situated here that was built in 1978 dedicated to goddess Sateri.

An important landmark in Vanxim is the chapel of the Miraculous Cross that is known as a lot of people from all over Goa come here to make or fulfill a vow. There is also a church in the area known as the Church of St Crist. During the months of April and May the feasts of the Miraculous Chapel and St Crist church are celebrated.

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