Neura is a beautiful village situated in the Tiswadi taluka of Goa. It is a place that has some lovely villas and mansions. During the Kadamba rule this was a busy place due to the Naval quarters and was once even the seat of learned Brahmin-Sinais.

In the village of Neura one can see a beautiful temple known as the Shri Dhondeshwar Temple. There are two schools situated in the area known as the Dayanand Arya High School and the Azmane High School.

Near the temple of Ravalnath that was destroyed by the Portuguese one can see the church that was built between the year 1541-1542 known as church of St. John the Evangelist. Also near the border of the Neura village there is the St. Sebastian chapel of the 17th century that gives way to the chapel atop the hillock that was built in 1796 known as the chapel of Our Lady of Miracles.

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