Nerul in Goa

The village of Nerul is located in North Goa spread along the vast coastal area spanning the Mandovi river on one side with bottle green hillocks on the other. It was a conventional beach meant mostly for the Portuguese high officials who used to spend most of their time here in seclusion amidst the rustling of the tall coconut trees and the cool sea breeze before modern tourism actually came into existence.

In due course of time, the locals also got wind of this lovely spot and gradually came under the spell of sea side picnics and salt water bath. This is most popular at the Quegdevelim beach which is vastly spread along the villages of Sinquerim and Reis Magos which is known for the Reis Magos Fort.

Nerul is best known for its coconuts and wide variety of seafood. Specially, the mussels from Nerul are the most enjoyed by the people all over North Goa. Nerul which was earlier known as Nellur shares its boundaries with the historic village of Verem Reis Magos in the East and separated from Candolim by the Sinqueim river adding a riverine charm halting in the inland of the Verem dyke. The population spans over 6,000 approximately with the Catholic community dominating the area. Rice, groundnuts and vegetables are grown on a large scale but the shellfish like Tisreo and Khube are very popular amongst the locals. Nerul has its own parish in the form of the church dedicated to Our Lady of Remedies constructed in 1569, by the Franciscan orders and is truly a marvelous architectural wonder. A temple dedicated to Goddess Shantadurga is also seen in Nerul which has a interesting history about it. Education is imparted in the first school built in Nerul, also dedicated to Our Lady of Remedies and thus derives its name as Our Lady of Remedies High School, although there is no higher institution in this moderately developed village of Bardez. The feast of the patroness, Our Lady of Remedies is held every year in November amidst great pomp and splendour with tiatrs and food festivals held here.

Nerulkars have had their share of glory in the freedom struggle of Goa with most of the people from Nerul participating in the liberation of Goa in 1961. Men and women alike have also excelled in the fields of music, arts, drama and sports. With commercial trend setting in, Nerul is losing its natural charm to the whims of the hotel industrialists who are hell bent upon converting it into a concrete jungle.

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