Korgao in Goa

Korgao or Korgaon is a small village situated in Pernem that is the north most taluka of Goa. Here one can see some Korgao copper plates that belonged to the local chieftain of Goa Kadambs who was known as King Bhimbhupal, which reveal that Pernem was earlier known as 'Pendina' or 'Pendin'. Some of the occupations of the people here are stone-cutting, toddy-tapping and agriculture fisheries.

The village is well known as the famous Deshprabhu mansion is situated here. The Deshprabhu House also known as the Sitaram Vilas is a well-known monument here that was built to house the aristocratic family and 14,000 soldiers with attendant cavalry, artillery and elephants. This fort like mansion is unfortunately off - bound for tourists.

Another attraction in Korgao is the majestic temple of Shri Kamleshwar known as the Kamleshwar temple, which is nearly 200 years old. According to some it is known that this temple was built by a queen named Kamala who ruled Goa from Revatidvip (today's Redi). This temple that has a pair of stone images of Shiva's carrier is also known to be the only temple in Goa to have them.

Near the temple one can also see a beautiful image of Shri Vishnu and a beautiful life-sized image of a deity named Kuvaleshwar. In the middle of the Korgao market square an old sculpture of Shri Mahishaasur Mardini can be seen.

Korgao also has a school known as the Shree Kamleshwar Higher Secondary School. It is situated at the upper side from main road of Keri-Pernem in the mountain areas but is nice for learning. There is also a church in Korgao known as the St Francis Xavier church.

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