Khorguve in Goa

Khorjuve or Corjuem is a small island that is very picturesque and that is situated 2 km from Aldona in the Bardez taluka of the north Goa district. The island's name according to the late Fr Moreno de Souza originates from Khor as in khorik which means deep or lower and Zunvem which means island. However according to some people khor also meant tough or hot-headed.

Corjuem is well connected with Aldona by a road bridge which is a major source of attraction as it is built according to the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. The island comprises of 10 vaddes known as Cuxem, Primeiro Vaddo, Segundo Vaddo, Podwal, Sinkeri, Colomb, Baga, Barazon, Novi Khazon and Khursachi Muddi. The people of Corjuem are known for their singing. The island has a number of houses and bungalows and elects three panchayats to the Aldona-Corjuem panchayat.

An Old Portuguese fort known as the Corjuem fort is another attraction in Khorguem. This fort built in 1705 is one of the only two inland forts that are surviving made of pitted laterite. In the eighteenth century this fort protected the Portuguese from the Marathas, Bhonsles and the Rane Rajputs. The fort also has an interesting story according to which an ambitious Portuguese woman named Ursula e Lancastre landed up here as a soldier as she was determined to succeed in a man's world and also dressed like one. The earlier chapel of St Anthony was known to have been in the Corjuem Fort.

One can see a small chapel dedicated to Mae de Deus (Mother of God) whose feast is celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter. This chapel was erected by Joao Felipe Ferreira from Divar in 1854 at his own cost along with some contributions from the islanders. Thus the Catholics at the Corjuem Island celebrate two main festivals - one of Mae de Deus and the other of St Anthony in June.

There is a temple in Corjuem known as the Shri Sateri Panchayatan Praxn temple. Also the main Hindu deity in Corjuem is Kalambadevi Satpurush who has six affiliate temples. One will also find a school here known as the Mae de Deus High School. For health care there is a Health Centre and the Corjuem Gymkhana Club. There are ferry services available from Aldona that take you to Corjuem. A railway line is also located nearby.

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