Away from Mapusa town about 15 kilometers to East there is a Forlorn Village called as ‘Assanora’, not too sure that this name is derived from Asson (a timber tree) which is known for medical bark. Exciting about this is gurgling flow of Par River.

This place is more famous for mining belt, which is main source of financial earnings for many thousand of people. There is little market place here called “Assnoddcho Bazaar”, its traditional market take place every Tuesday.

Here you’ll find many women are famous for selling sweet-scented garlands of Jasmine, Marigolds and Crossandras. On every little stop you’ll see villagers are selling here fruits, fish, kanttam (wild berries) (very much famous as they grow here in large quantity), vegetable (famous for lady finger, brinjawl, chittkeo mittkeo, runner beans etc.). These are mains source rural people here.

There two bridges here, one is the famous Assnora Bridge, which was broken down by Portuguese during Goa Liberation, stops the Indian Army coming here, and is situated at above Par River. Other one is lying in the middle of the paddy field surrounded by coconut trees, green filed called Bandar Bridge. This bridge is linked to Sirigao which is famous for Hindus famous Zatra “Shirgaumchi Zatra”.

Surrounding greenery at foothills there lays a medicinal water flower called ‘Ambexi Spring’; this is a famous picnic spot. Local here say that this spring water is very good for eye curing. Here above on the monte or hillock is faded chapel, way back in 1885 it was built by Fr. Anton Xavier de Braganza of Mapusa by giving name as St. Micheal in the vicinity of spring.

The Parish church here is called St. Clara which converted from the chapel St. Clara of Assisi, built in 1781 by Fr. Franciscan Friars. It was in the year 1905 October 8th this chapel was transform fully into church, during this years this church had a parochial and music school. This feast of this church is celebrated on May every year with great enthusiasm.

There is a temple here of Goddess Shantadurga, Shantadurga being the Hindus main deity here. Assonora has its own school called St. Clara High School which was established in the year 1947 by Fr. A.V.T Fernandes to educate the local people here. Major Freedom fighters hail from Assonora, who shed and sacrificed their blood and life for the liberation of Goa.

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