Assagao is a small village situated at ‘Velhas Conquistas’ of Bardez. A road from Mapusa town taking u turn on the top hills brings you to this place.

The path here is divided into two; on the main path you’ll see main Parish church St. Cajetan, The Assagao Union School and there on to Anjuna’s main Parish church St. Michael road taking to Vagator beach. The second leads towards westward and moves to Pallotine Seminary of Badem.

This is much changed now than it was earlier, the valleys here which are connected by main road through crossroads are known as Crossandra Flowers means aboleamcho ganv or fluancho ganv (flamed – cloured flowers) as they grew in plenty.

Actually Assagao in olden days was known as Assa Re Ganv. According to elderly people this name was given by Prince. The tales goes like this; Prince was lost in this Assagao’s hills (in olden centuries) in the dark night, hearing the cocks crow, prince got relief and said Assa re ganv.

On the hill at Socolvaddo, there is a pillar called ‘Kator’ a Vestige of the Hindu Past. It was being symbolized as temple lamp – post, to preserve relic of Hindu Heritage.

The place being hilly side, you’ll find here many cashew trees, mango trees etc. Assagao is much improved village from the olden days.

Assagao also has some good springs that cure various diseases. The one at Dosso zor is good for curing eye diseases while lung diseases can be cured by the one at Tollem. There is even a small beach known as the Gudem beach where one can go to relax.

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