Olaulim in Goa

Olaulim is a small and beautiful village situated in the Bardez taluka in north Goa. It lies at about 11 kms from Panjim and 6 kms from Mapusa. Here one can experience nature and enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the place that has a lot of fertile valleys.

As the Olaulim area itself is a valley it is said that it got its name from the word Vaul which means valley in Konkani. Thus it was called Vauale in Konkani and from this the name emerged.

A main attraction in the Olaulim village is the Church of St. Anne. There is a cross at the main entrance of the church yard that marks the original old chapel site that was built in July 13, 1752. In 1753 it was dedicated to St. Anne.

The villagers of Olaulim are known as Olaulikars and the main occupation for some is agriculture. There are a number of transport facilities available that can take one to this charming village in Goa.