Gaundalim village is situated in the Tiswadi taluka at about three kilometer away from Old Goa. Known as Gaundale in Konkani, the village is very picturesque and one can enjoy the serenity of the place with some birds chirping. A lot of teak, mango and cashew trees can be found here.

The village got its name Gaundalim from the word Gandalela that was derived, as it was earlier an abode of the Gauddes who were tribal communities of Goa. However according to some people as the place earlier had some scented flowers along the road known as 'Rua das Flores' (Road of Flowers) that passed through the village after originating from the Daugim-Gandaulim border, the village was known as a scented village and the name Gandhhalli thus emerged from the two words that meant thus they were Gandh that meant scent and Halli that meant village.

At the Gaundalim village one can see the Sao Braz church that was built in 1541. This is built similarly to the church that exist in Dubrovnic Croatia as during the earlier times there were a lot of Croatians here. One of the ancient ports of Goa is also housed in Gaundalim and it is also known that long ago the Muslims had a fort here known as Gondolechopar or the Gaundalim Fort.

While at Gaundalim one can visit nearby places such as the Cumbarjua canal that is a famous birding spot and also famous for crocodiles. Also places such as the island of St. Estevam, Corlim, Old Goa surround the village of Gaundalim in Goa.