Salvador do Mundo situated in the Bardez taluka in North Goa consists of the Khazan lands that have bunds for support and also have sluice gates. The place has a history that revolves around some temples of Vandevta, Vital, Vhoddhi and Dhaktli Jandevta that was built in 1565.

Salvador do Mundo also has a church that was built in 1565 known as the Saviour of the World church. Here on 6th August the feast of transfigurations of the Lord Jesus is celebrated. There is a nice spring situated in the area and from a hillock situated here one can even see the Panjim city.

There is a school in Salvador do Mundo known as Smt. Sunandabai Bandodkar High School. Salvador do Mundo has a small place of worship of the Hindus known as Shree Shiv Shambo Prassana. There is also a musuem located here known as the Houses of Goa museum.