Cansaulim in Goa

Cansaulim is situated in the Mormugao taluka in South Goa. It has a famous beach known as the Cansaulim beach where one can see a lot of palm groves along the shore. For accomodation there are a number of hotels and restaurants in Cansaulim. Also a number of beach shacks exist that serve some tasty dishes and drinks. There is a railway station situated here known as the Cansaulim Railway Station.

Cansaulim is famous for the Three Kings feast celebrated here. The dramatic climax is reached on January 6, the day of the Feast of the Magi, when three little boys ranging in years from 8 to 10 are selected as kings from the three neighboring villages of Quelim, Cansaulim and Arrosim to bring their gifts of gold, myrrh, and frankincense to the Child-God.

Throughout the year expectations and excitement run high as to who will be the fortunate ones chosen as it must be either a son or grandson from these three villages; no outsider can claim this privilege or honor.

To be a king, if only for a day is no joke, so the young monarchs take meticulous care to groom themselves for the exacting role. Meanwhile, on the Mount, the crowds gather from all parts of Goa to attend the Mass and get a glimpse of the three kings. An extensive fair also springs up covering the entire hilltop.

One can buy anything from a meal to copper and brassware, furniture, clothes, toys, trinkets, sweetmeats, glass bangles and spices of all sorts.

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