Carambolim also known as Karmali or Kormbolle for the locals is a small village in Goa that is situated at about 12 kms from Panjim in the Tiswadi taluka. It is the first village one comes across on one's way from Velha Goa. It is one of the well known places in Goa due to the Carambolim Lake which is a well known birding site.

The Carambolim Lake built to facilitate irrigation of the nearby fields is a man made freshwater lake. It is situated within walking distance from the Karmali Railway Station and is among the famous bird watching spots in Goa. Due to the rich ecology here one can see a lot of species of migratory birds as well as a lot of waterbirds. Some of those seen here include waterfowls, egrets, jacanas, moorhens, herons, pintails, open-billed storks, lesser whistling teals, shovelers, garganeys and coots.

There is an old Church in Carambolim that is dedicated to St. John which was built sometime during 1714. It was originally a chapel which is known to have been built in 1541. In 1553, during the tenure of Bishop D Joao Albuquerque it was raised to church status.

Carambolim also has a railway station which is the third important station of the Konkan Railway in Goa. The railway station here is known as the Carambolim Railway Station or the Karmali Train Station.

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