Sweet small village of Tiswadi or llhas Taluka, its major attraction or wonders are Bambolim Cross, Goa Medical College Complex, AIR Super Power Transmitter and the Military Camp.

Busy route for traveler’s as road being National Highway 17. Large climbing slope is the entrance of Bambolim after leaving from North Santacruz and South Siridao.

Nature here is also cool, Village has surrounding of small hills where you’ll find people have build the houses created place into residential, and there is a tiny beach here too which is close to the Village church on the western frontier.

Parish church of this village is named as ‘Our Lady of Belem’ (Bethlehem) whose feast is celebrated on 1st Sunday of the month of January i.e. after the feast of Three Kings. This hill where old church is laid is called ‘Orte de Vigar’ or Padigaracho Dongor. This has the reference to Augustinian Archbishop Dom Frei Alexio de Menezes who after declaring Bambolim separate parish from Siridao Parish, builded here a new church in the year 1616. Since there was a tunnel under the church structure, it survived for two and a half year, after that in 1851, chapel was built here by Comunidade of Bambolim and later in 1825 chapel was converted into church as ‘Our Lady of Belem’.

People who are permanent residential are called as ‘Bambolkar’. Whenever you visit in Bambolim you’ll see lot of people giving prayer in Bambolim Cross or saying rosary, that because people not only Bambolim but many part Goa believe that here said cross is a miracle and does mystery behind this, but there is specific verification who, when and for what purpose this cross was built.

This place once was known tiny residential village, now it is also commercial place, having raised here various business center. Thus Bambolim is a mixture place.

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