Baga in Goa

Baga is situated to the north of Calangute in Goa. It is a place where there are a lot of restaurants, hotels and shops and it is usually packed with tourists.

The Baga beach however is less crowded when compared to the Calangute beach. However it is one of the favourite beach in the Bardez side and also a tourist attraction. This beach is famous for having salty bath for many people in Goa over the year, as this river has heavy waves among all the other beaches.

The Baga Creek i.e. a small river, joins the sea to the north. To reach the opposite bank there is a small concrete bridge. At the mouth of the creek from where buses run for Panaji and Calangute, the road coming from Calangute ends. Here taxis are available and there are also lots of places where one can hire bikes.

Baga is quite famous when it comes to nightlife as one can find some very popular clubs and discos here. People here in Baga are generous and entertaining. Here you'll get to see a rare river fest called Sangodd during Sao Joao feast. Thus this place is a good place to enjoy a holiday in Goa.