Cortalim in Goa

Cortalim is a village situated in south Goa. The village is mainly a Christian village and the main occupation of the people here is fishing and agriculture. It is well known as the site of the ancient temple of Lord Shiva is situated here. The place located on the banks of the Zuari River was earlier known as Kushastali. Also one can find a cross here that earlier commemorated the arrival of Christianity in the place. The village also has a church known as St Philip and James church.

A musical fiesta at Cortalim, organised by the Cortalim Parish Youth took place on May 3 at the Cortalim church grounds from 6 pm onwards. The fiesta, which was organised to mark the 440 years of the Sts Philips and James Church, Cortalim, included live music from Goa’s bands ‘Headlines’ and ‘Heaven Touch’, besides mando performance by the Quepem Mando Troupe, folk dances and performances by the young talents of Cortalim.

At the Goa village of Cortalim one can also get potable waters at Diu, the water of which is good for the cure of obesity and chronic blemorrhage. Also one can find non-potable light mineral waters at Kesarvale here that is known to cure skin troubles and tone up the health.

For accomodation in Cortalim one can find a number of houses for rent and also a few holiday homes. One can also find a number of bars and restaurants in Cortalim that serve some tasty dishes and drinks.

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