Batim is a pleasant village situated in the Tiswadi taluka of Goa that has a lot of fields and salt pans. In 1994 it became known to all due to the apparition of Our Lady in September.

The Batim village also has a church that was built in 1860 known as the Batim church, which celebrates its feast on 19 December. The villagers in Batim have mostly come from the other villages. There is also a lake known as the Batim Lake that is quite famous for bird watching.

The Ganxim hill of Batim is also well known as during the 17th century it was so famous that traders would come here for entertainment and for rest. There is also a church that was built between the years 1596 - 1610 known as the Ganxim Church that lies by the side of the cemetery. Here the feast of Our Lady of Fatima is usually celebrated.