Mandur Azossim is situated in the Tiswadi taluka of Goa and is a place that has a lot of houses. The villagers of Mandur Azossim are quite helpful and a good time to mingle with the locals is during the seven day fiesta known as Intruz or carnival that they celebrate.

In Mandur Azossim one can see a church that was built in 1598 known as the St. Mathias church. The feast here is celebrated in September. Also there is the church built in 1764 known as the church of Our Lady of Amparo whose feast is celebrated in October.

It is known that long ago there were a lot of temples in Mandur Azossim. There is also a fort situated in Mandur Azossim which is known to have kept the intruders from the Zuari River away. The Augustinian house that was built in 1598 and later renovated can also be seen here.