Mapusa in Goa

As we follow the path to Mapusa market, from there about 2 km distance is situated the important church in Mapusa dedicated to St. Jerome.

The statue of St. Jerome was brought from Choras Seminary but has now been replace by the Statue of Our Lady of Miracles on the main altar. Nossa Senhora Mae de Deus is prominent due to her festival in the 18th century.

At the site of Hindu temple this church is built, and stores the treasures from Old Goa. The most magnificent and colour retables brought from Old Goa are painted in bold colours and style. Built in 1594, it was rebuilt in 1674, again destroyed by fire in 1838 has now finally been restored.

To the right hand side of altar is the statue of St. John the Baptist and to the left hand side altar of St. Jerome. Opposite to the font statue of Holy Family is located. In 1920 grotto to Our Lady of Lourdes is built with large forecourt. Little distance away mortuary chapel and cemetery is located. This lovingly church called “Milagres” has warm atmosphere; Mapusa’s big feast of this church is in the third week after the Easter. 1n 1961 when “Operation Vijaya” was on to liberate Goa from Portuguese, in attempt to blow Mabry Bridge, accidentally blew large roof of the church.
Moving towards city, road is open into large square in front of permanent market and is main source for visitors, gaining fame and fortune. Though market is open everyday, Friday has been granted as ‘Market Day’.

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