Pernem in Goa

Pernem taluka is bounded by the Chapora River to the south and Tiracol River to the north. It is the northernmost subdivision of Goa that touches the Maharashtra border. Pernem talukas capital city is also called Pernem and it is situated 27 km from Panaji. Pernem represents how Goa was many years ago. Most inhabitants in the area survive on the local land for farming and nearby rivers for fishing.

Many people bypass Pernem whilst travelling to Goa from Mumbai by bus; it is a common stop over but very few discover its true beauty. Pernem is the home of two famous monuments: the Shri Bhagwati Temple and Deshprabhu House.

The Shri Bhagwati temple dedicated to Lord Shiva's consort Parvati situated in the small provincial town of Pernem is a well-known monument here. Over a modern shrine, its deity a furious form of Parvati of jet black rock presides, and the entrance of the temple is flanked by a pair of colossal multicolored elephants.

Deshprabhu House is the residence of the world's only Hindu Viscount the Visconde de Pernem. The Deshprabhu House is also known as Sitaram Vilas and the Viscount's Palace. It is Goa's grandest Hindu Mansion and is a well known monument in Pernem. The mansion was build to house the aristocratic family who fought to achieve independence Indian from Portugal in 1961. 14,000 soldiers with attendant cavalry, artillery and elephants also stayed in the mansion. Nowadays the family still reside here but it is a private residence and off limits to tourists. Deshprabhu House also contains a temple and a small museum. In the museum one can see photos of the first ever car imported in Goa during the 1920's by the Raja and photos of Deshprabhu past.

The original Chapel in Pernem was built in 1852 and erected into a Parish on January 02, 1855. St. Joseph Church, Pernem was rebuilt in 1864. Fr. Camilo Simoes was appointed as the Parish Priest. The Parish was renovated in 2002. The Parish has 5 substations constituted of 11 Small Christian Communities.

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