Pilerne is situated in the Bardez taluka and is about 12 kms from Panjim. This is a pleasant village of north Goa where one can see a lot of greenery as it has a lot of paddy fields, palm groves, lakes and salt pans. It is also known as a birding spot as one can often see some various birds at the Pilerne Wetlands.

Pilerne is also a quiet village of Goa where one can see a lot of traditional Goan houses. There is a hindu religious temple situated in the village known as the Sri Shantadurga Pilernekarin temple. Here one can also see the seminary built in 1952 of Our Lady, the St. Anne chapel that was built in 1940 and the church of St. John the Baptist that is almost around 335 years old.

The villagers usually celebrate the feast of harvest known as 'konnos' in Goa with great joy on the 29th of August. For accommodation there are some houses available on rent in the village. To get here there are a lot of buses from Panjim and Mapusa that pass by Pilerne.