Colom is situated at the southend of the Palolem beach on the way to Rajbag. It is known as a Hindu village where one can find some small cafes to buy drinks and snacks. Being a fishing village, a lot of fishing community huts can be seen here which also take in some paying guests.

Colom also has a beach known as the Colom beach, which is one of the remote beaches of Goa that has some palm shaded coves and a rocky shore. There are some good guest houses here and also many people rent out rooms and huts to travelers. There are also some restaurants and bars that serve Indian oriented food and drinks.

The village of Colom also has places that offer yoga classes and also an Ayurvedic healing centre is situated nearby. For travelers and campers, parking is also available. To get to Colom one can take a bus that runs between Palolem and Margao and passes through Patnem, which is situated nearby.