Cunchelim is located just 2 kms from Mapusa and can be reached in 2 ways, one by alighting at the first intersection on entering the village, by taking the daily buses operating between Mapusa and Siolim via Marna and walking 300 metres or the more simple way by taking the Mapusa-Camurlim or Mapusa/Siolim bus via Sodiem which directly takes one to the main junction where most of the village dwellings are clustered. It is landlocked on all sides surrounded by Duler in the south, Siolim (Marna) in the west, Camurlim and Colvale in the north and Tivim in the east.

It is almost like a flat valley surrounded by fragrant trees and cashew bushes and palm spiked groves on the neighbouring hillocks. It has a famous rivulet, known as Lover which originates at the feet of the hillock up the Gotniche Vau and rushes down to the Kuntla spring which offers a panoramic view of the waterfall during the monsoons. There are 2 bridges built across the rivulet, one almost similar to the Panaji Patto bridge known as the Porno Sanvok. There are also small temples dedicated to Lord Dattatreya and Saibaba and small chapels of Holy Cross in 2 of the wards at Cunchelim. The main church is dedicated to Nossa Senhora de Fuga which largely receives donations from benefactors in Iran.

The Kuntla spring is very much famous for its healing water and is well protected by the Tourism department by fencing it and decorating it with bouganvillas, which sadly has diminished over the passing years with shabby hutments polluting the natural beauty of the spring. The population is nearly close to 2,000 with several wards coming up in the village.

The village has undergone a lot of modifications and improvements in terms of getting almost all the houses electrified and provided with adequate water connection although there are abundant wells all around. The closest place for employment is the Tivim Industrial Estate which is sought by the local villagers. Laterite stone excavation used to be carried in earlier days, which has now stopped with more job opportunities coming up in recent times. Monkeys cause quite a lot of menace to the villagers who need to repair their house roofs time and again although this has decreased in the passing years. Overall, Cunchelim is a village abounding in peaceful nature and a rich bounty of natural wealth.