Sirigao is a small village in the Bicholim taluka of Goa that is well known for a festival that it celebrates where the devotees walk on fire. The festival is usually held in the month of May and is known as the Lahrai zatra of goddess Lahrai.

According to folklore goddess Lahrai with her six sisters and one brother arrived in Goa from Bengal. They stayed at different places in Goa such as Mayem where the eldest sister stayed, Sirigao where the second stayed, the third settled at Mulgao, the fourth that came to be known as Our Lady of Milagres stayed at Mapusa, the fifth settled in Morjim, the sixth went underground and the brother stayed at Vaiginim. On the zatra day these sisters used to send a gift of a pot every year to goddess Lahrai.

One can also see a beautiful lake situated in the Sirigao village known as the 'chorachi teli' (lake of the thieves). It is believed that when the thieves who decamped with loot from the temple were trapped by goddess Lahrai, this lake was formed.

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