This town is located 3 kms away from the main Ponda city and is an integral part of the Ponda Taluka. Similar to the Taleigao plateau which houses the Goa University, the Goa Engineering College and the GVMs College are located on the Farmagudi plateau.

It is also known for the Gopal Ganapati Temple and a huge statue of Shivaji on horseback in one the central areas of Farmagudi.

It is known that in October, 1683 the fort of Ponda was attacked by the Portuguese Viceroy who due to the sudden appearance of the Maratha King Sambhaji with a large army, had to beat a hasty retreat. This event is commemorated in Farmagudi.

While grazing cattle near the hill the Gopal Ganapati stone image was discovered by herdsmen who later installed it in a small shrine with a thatched roof. In April 24, 1966 the first Chief Minister of Goa, late Shri Dayanand Bandodkar who built the temple had the idol made of metal alloy and consecrated.

The Shri Ganesh temple synthesizes both ancirnt and modern architecture and is a fine example of Indian temple architecture.

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