Anjuna in Goa

Anjuna situated 8 km from Mapusa and 18 km from Panaji is the place from where Goa tourism took off. It quickly acquired a reputation for drugs, partying and freedom after being discovered by the hippies in 1970s. There are a lot of parties that take place here in the nights the biggest ones being during Christmas and New Year time.

From the northern end of Anjuna that has a high laterite cliff jutting out into the sea, a 1-5 km dirt track descends southward to the famous Anjuna flea market and the sandy beach. Every Wednesday a flea market is held at Anjuna beach. This market is very popular among the tourists and is big and spread over the Anjuna coast line where everything under the sun can be found. It got its name as people assumed the goods that were sold here to be infested with fleas. It is held near the beach at the village called Dando (near Anjuna beach).

There are a number of guest houses and hotels around the Anjuna village for accommodation. One can even find a number of good restaurants in the place. To get to Anjuna you can get a bus from Mapusa where for the 45 minute journey buses leave every 15 minutes. At Anjuna the main bus stand is where the roads to Mapusa and Vagator meet on the junction where one can also find motorcycle pilots and taxis.