Arambol or Harmal is the largest coastal village in the Pernem district of Goa. Situated at about 32 kms northwest of Mapusa and 50 kms from Panjim, the village comprises of a traditional fishing community and has a cool and perfect holiday atmosphere.

The villagers in Arambol are friendly and the place is less touristy allowing you to have a close experience of local life and culture. A number of Hindus exist in the area and football and cricket are the popular sports enjoyed by the people here. A church known as the Church of 'Our Lady of Mount Carmel' serves the religious interests of all the Catholics here.

Arambol also has two beaches one of which is the very famous Arambol beach or the Harmal beach and the other is a quiet picturesque beach that can be reached only on foot as it lies beyond the rocky headband bordered by steep cliffs on both sides. They are both however considered the charming beaches of Goa in India and are ideal for those looking out for some peace and tranquility.

One can easily get to Arambol as there are plenty of buses that ply from Mapusa and Chopdem. Accommodation also can be found here in the form of some guest houses or houses for rent. A number of cafes and restaurants also exist here that serve some tasty dishes.

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