Raia lies between Rachol and Loutolim and is considered significant from the view that it was the original site of the temple of Goddess Kamakshi or Shantadurga which adds to the beauty of the Shiroda village on the opposite bank of the Zuari river at Ponda.

The destruction of the original temple by the Captain of Rachol, Diogo Rodrigues saw the image of the deity being smuggled across the river by a potter who has since then been given the principal right to burn the first lamp in Kamakshi temple at Shiroda. The lamp carrying devotees in this temple are quite a lot, which has even prompted the potters to supply the day lamps used for the festival.

The first church built by the Portuguese was dedicated to Our Lady of Snows similar to the parish church in Rachol. This church also known as the Raia church is famous for the festival known as Konsachem Fest which is celebrated with great pomp after the sheaves (konsa) of rice harvest. It is attended by people of all faith and a large number of devotees. The Our Lady of Snows Church also has a sickle that is believed to have been sent in the ancient period by the Pope of Portugal.

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