Agassaim is a small village situated in the Tiswadi taluka in north Goa. The village is well known in Goa for the famous Goa sausages. Earlier people used to come here specially as one used to get the best sausages of Goa here. Even today a number of houses exist that still sell them.

The Goa Agacaim village has a lot of palm trees and nowadays one often passes it while going or coming from the airport situated in Dabolim. There are some good restaurants situated in the area that serve tasty Goan dishes. One can also get some good seafood here. At Agassaim, on the way between Panaji and Margao, a restaurant is situated in the midst of shady palm groove that is good for seafood and Goan food.

Agassaim has now become a well known birding area in Goa as one can see in the water at Agassaim a lot of birds on the poles. The village has a church known as St. Lawrence church. There is also a school situated here known as the St. Lawrence High School. There is a bridge nearby that connects Agacaim to the neighbouring village of Cortalim.

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