Moira in Goa

Moira, a place is famous specially in growing largest bananas called “Moira Banana” which grow over 30 cm long and 8 cm in diameter. It is a famous commodity at the market place and cannot be ignored as it is reddish brown and can also be eaten cooked.

Moira people are famous for their tall stories such as the “wise fools of Moira” and have become household word all over.

One of the famous tales of Moira villagers is still etched in memory. The story of the Wise Fools of Moira who tried pushing a church to ensure that there is equal space in front and behind the church. The Sacristan of Aldona took advantage of their plan and hid the blankets that they had put in front of the church to mark the position of the church to see how far it had been pushed. The villagers were convinced when they believed that the church had indeed moved labeling them the Wise Fools of Moira.

Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is built on a great open platform which is an ideal setting for village occasions. It is a classic touch given by Moira architects of its own to ensure awesome beauty. This church was actually built in 1636, after that it has been modified in several stages at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th. It was extended wide by façade along with balustrade across building and around its towers, and the central windows given trefoil arches.

In 1835 there was expulsion of religious, there was ravaging of the buildings of Old Goa. In the earlier 16th century during salvaging of Hindu deities, some art treasures were saved before they get vanished along with the churches.

The statue of Our Lady Mother of God and other treasure rescued from Old Goa, shows the joy of development which started to take place in Bardez, even before the orders were passed for eviction of religious and the destruction of Old Goa’s buildings for the provision of materials for new Capital at Panjim. The advantages were not only taken to improve the churches in Bardez but to add their treasure trove. Moira is a great example, as the bell from the seminary church at the Jesuit College of St Solhe on the Monte Santo was purchased and installed, though it was larger then their own original bell for that they even rebuild belfry. Beautiful crucifix which is now in mortuary chapel is a fine art treasure and is unusual interest because its feet are secured with separates nails.

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