Britona in Goa

The tiny village of Britona in Goa is situated very close to Panjim. It was once inhabited by the Muslims and as such has some graves of Muslim clergy, Legislative Assembly, Gurudwara and the Xavier Institute of Historical Research. Britona is also well known for the wonderful church of Our Lady of Rock of France (Nossa Senhora de Penha de Franca) one of the earliest churches built which is situated southwest of the main road from Pomburpa.

The village of Britona which is known as a typical fishing village still has the charm of traditional Goa as there are a lot of old houses of the Portuguese era situated here. It is also a very pleasant place to take a stroll as it has a lot of palm trees for shade and one can enjoy the Goan atmosphere. A lot of ship breaking units can be seen here where new planks are put on the ships so as to refurbish them.

Britona is the place for those seeking tranquility and a peaceful holiday. Also for accommodation there are some good cottages and villas. Another thing that one can enjoy is the sound of the waves hitting against the fishing canoes that are tied up near by.