East side of Panjim, 6 km away, a small village is situated called Chimbel. It is the part of Ilhas or Tiswadi Taluka. This village is a backward village among all other villages in Goa. You won’t find any big features or attraction in this village but people here are hardworking and the majority of community is of ‘Kunbi’.

Chimbel is surrounded to neigbouring places like on North Ribandar, West is Merces and on the east is Curca-Santanna. Chimbel’s main wonder is lovely lake, situated on the hills covering with cashew trees, this is best picnic spot you can.

Local people here are famous for best cashew feni. They are also famous for selling kanttam and churnam. There is a perennial spring flowing from the hills to ground called Bombddo. Houses here are built in colonies, which closed to each other and small too.

There is a lovely chapel built here 50 years ago named Our Lady of Livra Febre, this chapels is used for various church activities but the main parish church for them is Ribandar church Our Lady of Ajuda.

There is temple here too which is five years old Bhagwati Temple situated at Gonvllem Bhatt. Next to their original temple there is built up lake where Hindu people drown their idol Ganapati on the eve Ganesh Chaturthi.

There is small market with few shops, where people come for their needs, there is small hotels of tea here too you’ll find. There is a primary health center here; Union High School is the only source of education.

Thus this village is simple and small too.